Hello Spring!

As I watch the birds chirping in the trees, my mind is filled with a long list of Spring maintenance tasks! Here are a few, just a reminder it is a good time to: 1. Clean! Lol I know right! Gutters, Windows and Furnace (Having your furnace and ducts cleaned regularly will add years to their life, as well as keep your dusting tasks down - dirt/dirty filters are the biggest reason furnaces fail) 2. When was the last time you had your roof inspected? Asphalt Shingles often need repair, as well the caulking around vents etc. may need replacement - number one reason our roofs leak! If you are like myself and haven't had your roof looked at in 2+ years (okay it's been 8 and I know better!) have a roofing company perform an inspection and get it sealed up tight before the spring rains really start coming down. Did you buy a new build? Even more reason to have it inspected, especially if it is still under warranty! Now is the time to ensure the builder didn't miss anything! My property inspectors have found missing caulking, vents, make shift vents out of left over shingles, skylights not actually attached, etc. These were reputable "Big Name" builders! 3. Lawn - this is one of my favourites because well I love yards... especially well manicured lawns. Envious of your neighbors deep green weed free lawn? It starts now. Power Rake and Aerate! You can DIY with rented tools or hire out. Can't afford it? Get out the old rake and start getting up the dead grass, rake hard to rough up the surface. Once that's complete add some fertilizer and over seed. Thick lush grass keeps the weeds out! One note, if you are removing left over leaves and debris from last year, keep the bag open for a couple of hours. This let's out the lady bugs who are working very hard to keep your aphid population down... you will thank me in a few months! Happy Wednesday!Tanya:)